List of photobooks by photographer Dewe Mathews, Chloe

Chloe Dewe Mathews is a British documentary photographer.

She works on long-term projects and explains "I am exploring ways in which to project the past on to the present".

Her project "Shot at Dawn" about the soldiers executed for desertion during World War I has been exhibited at the Tate Modern in London, when "In Search of Frankenstein", a project  concerned with contemporary environmental and social issues via the themes of Shelley's novel, has been on display at the British Library.

In 2021, Loose Joints publishes the photobook "Thames Log", conclusion of a five-year project about the variety of people's relationships to the Thames river.

(Elements of biography taken from the artist's Wikipedia page.)

© Portrait by Alice Zoo taken from an article on the British Journal of Photography

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  • Presentation by Loose Joints: " Thames Log by British photographer & film-maker Chloe Dewe Mathews examines the ever-changing nature of our relationship to water, from ancient pagan festivities through to the rituals of modern life. Dewe Mathews spent five years photographing up and down the River Thames, from its puddling source to its great...

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