List of photobooks by photographer Déhé, Marie

Marie Déhé is a French photographer and publisher.

Presentation of the artist on the website Le Consulat (excerpts) :

« Her work revolves around issues of representation of so-called female identities and intimacy. She focuses on gestures and innocuous details, the body of the other and her own body. Her practice is rooted in the everyday gesture through self-portraiture and the documentation of her personal and intimate environment.

In January 2021, she self-published "Self-help", a self-massage guide in poster form. She published several books with APE / Art Paper Editions: "We have been meaning to" (2020), a collection of photographs and poems with author Haydée Touitou, and "Distant intimacy" (2022), a series of portraits of 28 women photographed at a distance. In 2023 she creates her own publishing house "Asiro Editions", with which she published her third book "Correspondence". »

© Self-portrait of the artist

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  • Presentation by APE / Art Paper Editions: " I want to photograph you from a distance. On your phone/laptop, you will turn the video call on and I will be there with my camera. In your kitchen, on your bed, at your window—wherever you like. I would like you to be naked or as undressed as you're comfortable to be. For the first picture, I will be dressed;...

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