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Mimi Plumb is an American documentary photographer. Her work is focused on the daily life and social issues. She has also taught photography for almost 30 years.

She was born, still lives, and has mostly worked in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her first photobook "Landfall" was published in 2018 with TBW Books, then she published "The White Sky" (2020) and "The Golden City" (2022) with Stanley / Barker.

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    Presentation by Stanley / Barker: " Mimi Plumb used to live on the edges of the city where the rents were cheap. Nearby, on the summit of the hill, were folded layers of radiolarian chert, the fossilized remains of microscopic creatures called radiolaria. A large crevice in the hillside was a reminder of the ever-present threat of an earthquake. Warm...

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