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Nancy Floyd is an American photographer.

Her work is centered around the portrait, and especially the female portrait, along the course of their life, throught the different stpes of lifa and the aging story and process.

She is particularly known for her 40-year long series of self-portraits called "Weathering Time", which was published by GOST Books in 2021.

She had previously published another celebrated series called "She's Got a Gun" (Temple University Press, 2008), of portraits of women carrying their firearms and guns.

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    Presentation by GOST Books: " The uniform black and white self-portraits in this project record Floyd's body from head to toe, as well as her environment and sometimes family and friends. If she fails to take a picture, she advances the film in her camera, so a blank image is recorded, creating a visual calendar. For the first thirty-six years, Floyd used...

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