List of photobooks by photographer Monaris (Paola Franqui)

Paola Franqui, also known as Monaris, is a Puerto Rico-born American photographer based in New Jersey.

Her website bio states « Combining her passion for visual storytelling and photography, Monaris has developed a distinct creative style focused on composition and color theory that lives to transform brief instances of reality into movie-like scenes. »

In 2021 she published her first photobook "Momentos" with Setanta Books.

© Portrait taken from the artist's website (all rights reserved)

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  • Presentation by Setanta Books: " « When we make photographs, we are participating in a conversation that takes place across temporal space. To press the shutter is to pull a slice from the unyielding flow of time, to hold a moment still, so that we may linger on moments of connection and beauty that would otherwise evaporate as quickly as light can move....

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