List of photobooks by photographer de Lattre, Mathias

Mathias de Lattre is a French photographer; he is also a photography teacher in several American univeristies.

After starting his career making portraits for the press; he gradually shifted to still life, especially for the luxury industry.

He is also working on personal projects, and his first photobook "Mother's Therapy", about both his research on psychoactive substances in mushrooms / fungus and his mother's psychiatric condition was published by The Eriskay Connection in 2021.

© Portrait by Rémi Coignet taken from the artist's Instagram page

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  • .Sold out. Presentation by The Eriskay Connection: " Mathias de Lattre developed an interest in natural psychedelics, in particular hallucinogenic mushrooms. Since ten years he had the intuition that they might constitute an alternative to the psychiatric treatment of his mother. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder twenty years ago, and the drugs...

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