List of photobooks by photographer Maelfeyt, Jurgen

Jurgen Maelfeyt is a Belgian designer, publisher and photographer.

He has founded several structures around graphic design (Jurgen Maelfeyt Studio, agence 6'56") and books (publishing house A.P.E / Art Paper Editions, RIOT bookstore & space in Ghent, Belgium).

As part of his work with A.P.E, he has also published as an author photographer and / or as a collector / image editor since 2010. His own publications, and to a certain extent those of A.P.E at large, have often as subject the body, and the female body in particular, sensuality, and eroticism.

He has published under his name with A.P.E, among other photobooks : "The Game" (2010), "Breasts" (2013), "Les Pierres" (2014), "ATTACK" (2016), "LIPS" (2018), et "WET" (2021).

© Portrait taken from an article on the website Subbacultcha

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  • .Back in stock.The sensuality, eroticism, and a certain form of fetishism, of the female body and water, the wet skin, the wet clothes, and dripping water. The female body is a recurring subject in the work of Jurgen Maelfeyt, as a collector and editor of images, and as a publisher with A.P.E / Art Paper Editions.48 pages - Linen hardcover APE / Art Paper...

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