List of photobooks by photographer Bey, Dawoud

Dawoud Bey is an American photographer and educator.

He is known in particular for his black & white street portraits of the American youth and young adults, sometimes  marginalized, in their daily environment.

He has published several photobooks since 1995, and in particular more recently "Seeing Deeply" (University of Texas Press, 2018) and "Street Portraits (Mack, 2021).

© Portrait by Mike Majewski taken from an article on artnet (in English)

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    Presentation by Mack: " From 1988 to 1991 Dawoud Bey made a series of portraits of African Americans in the streets of various American cities. Using a large format tripod mounted camera and a unique positive/negative Polaroid film that created both an instant print and a reusable negative, he asked a cross section of the populations of these communities...

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