List of photobooks by photographer Purtell, Sergio

Sergio Purtell is an American photographer born in Chile.

Purtell works often in series, and always in black and white and grey tones. He has photogrpahed the scity and its insignificant details, the suburbia, and also made an important body of work of street portraits.

He has also produced a lot of images during his travels, in the US, and also notably in the 70's and 80' when each summer he would fly to Europe and travel the continent by train with a cheap Eurail pass.

In 2020, he publishes with Stanley / Barker his first photobook "Love's Labour" which presents a selection of images from these summer travels in Europe.

© Portrait by Edward Mapplethorpe

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  • Presentation by Stanley / Barker: " Every summer from the late 1970s through the mid ’80s Sergio Purtell would buy an inexpensive roundtrip ticket from New York to London, and from there get a Eurail pass. Traveling cheaply, he could move freely around Europe. Wandering made sense to Purtell. At the age of 18 he fled an imminent dictatorship in Chile. He...

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