List of photobooks by photographer Oyarzabal, Gloria

Goria Oyarzabal is a Spanish photographer, director and teacher.

Her work is mostly centered around the African continent (she herself has lived 3 years in Mail), the marks of colonization and the history of decolonization, as well as the place of women in African societies.

In 2017 she wins the "Landskrona Dummy Award", which allows her to publish her first photobook "Picnos Tshombé" (Witty Books, 2018). Then in 2019 she wins the "Prix du Livre Images Vevey 2019/2020", which in turn allows her the publication of her second photobook "Woman Go No'Gree" (Editorial RM / Images Vevey, 2020) along with an exhitibiton during the "Images Vevey" festival in Switzerland.

In December 2020, the book "Woman Go No'Gree" is awarded the "Book of the Year" award by Paris Photo & Aperture Foundation in collaboration with Delpire & Co.

© Portrait (uncredited) taken form the website of Der Greif.

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  • .Back in stock!. Presentation by Editorial RM: " Empires, by their very nature, embody and formalise difference, both between metropolis / colony and colonial subjects. Imperial imaginary floods popular culture. Gender categories were one kind of bio-logic new tradition European colonialism institutionalized in most of African cultures. But there is...

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