List of photobooks by photographer Feldmann, Hans-Peter

Hans-Peter Feldmann is a German visual artist and photographer, a figure of conceptual art. Since the beginning of his career in the 60's, he has used the book format, the artist book and the photobook, as an essential way to organize and present his work.

His projects often stem from collected series of images, vernacular photographs, postcards, etc, which he assembles, arranges and re-contextualises. He is also reknowned for his carefully conceived exhibitions that usually have a very elaborate scenography.

Among the photobooks published by Hans-Peter Feldmann: "Die Töten 1967-1993"  (Feldmann Verlag, 1998), "Liebe / Love" (Walther König, 2006), "Frauen" (Mörel Books, 2020).

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