List of photobooks by photographer Black, Judith

Judith Black is an American photographer and teacher.

She is mostly known for having documented her family life since the end of the sixties with a Black & White Polaroid (Type 55), recording, with precision and humor, the strange and the marvelous in the veryday life.

Her work has been exhibited in many American institutions and beyond.

In 2020, Stanley / Barker published a selection of images from this body of work under the title "Pleasant Street", then in 2021 they published another photobook from her work, called "Vacation", this time focused on a family travel across the United States, undertaken following the reception of a Guggenheim Fellowship.

© Self-portrait « 1997.02.07.Self (with Mom and Aunt Edie) » taken from the artist's website

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  • Presentation by Stanley / Barker: " In 1986, the American artist Judith Black was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship with the intention of documenting a cross-country road trip with her four children. Unlike Robert Frank's iconic Guggenheim-funded road trip 30 years earlier, Black's mission was much more intimate. Rather than documenting America, her...

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  • Presentation by Stanley / Barker: " When Judith Black moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1979 with her four children, a friend asked her if they were going to be all right there. Frankly, she didn't know. They had just moved into a dilapidated apartment in a neighborhood that the real estate lady admitted was as good as they were going to find. The...

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