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Les Associés is a French collective of six photographers: Elie Monférier, Olivier Panier des Touches, Sébastien Sindeu, Alexandre Dupeyron, Joël Peyrou, and Mickaël Parpet.

Presentation by Les Asssociés:

" Friends, we became partners. Sort of as a joke. Chance presented us with the opportunity of writing a story, and we jumped on that possibility, without discussing goals, structure, or statement. Since 2015, we enjoy meeting, exchanging, thinking about projects in today's photography, that has become a theater of constant changes.

The members of Les Associés come from the tradition of documentary photography. However, each of their practices has evolved following their personal aspirations, each photographer illustrating in the evolution of his work the transformations of the medium and the shifts in its uses. "

In 2020, Les Associés published with Le Bec en l'Air the photobook "D'ici, ça ne paraît pas si loin" ["From here, it doesn't seem so far"], from a four-year work in the French region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine on a project initially titled "The Map and the Territory".

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  • .PLEASE NOTE: The photographers have to come to the bookstore to sign our copies, which will arrive on Friday, May 15th. Consequently, the signed copies should be available for shipment on Monday, May 18th at the earliest (and probably Monday, May 25th at the latest). Presentation by Le bec en l'air :      [all texts in the book in French only] " D'ici,...

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