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Presentation by Le BAL:        [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

" Hannah Darabi is an Iranian artist, photographer and curator. She studied Arts in Tehran and Paris, where she is based today.

Her home country is still the main subject of her work as a photographer. With the goal of telling the specific political situation and economic conditions in her country, she creates series where her photography interacts with other material, such as text, image archive, and objects. Among the various media and forms she explores, the artist book appears to have a special place. "

In 2019, Le BAL in Paris presented an exhibition that Darabi curated centered on her collection of photobooks related to the Islamic Revolution in Iran. A book was co-published on this occasion, by Spector Books and Le BAL, with a French version:  "Rue Enghelab, La Révolution par les Livres : Iran 1979-1983", and an English version: "Enghelab Street, A Revolution through Books: Iran 1979-1983".

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    Presentation by Spector Books:   " Enghelab Street, Revolution Street, is located in the centre of Tehran—a main artery in the city's cultural life with a host of bookshops. The publication presents a variety of photographic and propaganda books collected by Iranian artist Hannah Darabi. Drawing on works published between 1979 and 1983—years corresponding...

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