List of photobooks by photographer Basu, Poulomi

Poulomi Basu is an Indian transmedia artist, photographer and activist. Her work has been recognised, by the United Nations and Amnesty International among others, for advocatins women's rights (in particular towards tolerance for menstruations through Blood Speaks).

She photographs and documents the daily life and resilience of people and communities. Her wark has been widely publish and exhibitied throughout the world, and has also received critical acclaim and many awards.

In 2019, she publishes "Centralia" with Dewi Lewis, « a hallucinatory reflection where an invisible conflict between a guerilla army, an indigenous people and the Indian state is associated with wider issues of environmental degradation » as art historian Emilia Terracciano wrote in 1000words magazine.

© Portrait taken from the website of the World Press Photo Foundation (not credited)

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  • .Sold out. Presentation by Dewi Lewis: "Centralia exposes hidden crimes of war as an indigenous people fight for their survival. In war, truth is the first casualty and Centralia explores the unsteady relationship between reality and fiction and how our perceptions of reality and truth are manipulated. Combining tropes of documentary and fiction, art...

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