List of photobooks by photographer Hasegawa, Miki

Miki Hasegawa is a Japanese photographer. After earning degrees in Environmental Scince and Design, and working as an architect, she transferred to being a professional photographer.

She self-published her first photobook "The Path of Million Pens" in 2014, then published "Internal Notebook" in 2017 as part of a RPS residency (Reminders Photography Stronghold) with Yumi Goto, Tokyo. This second book was published in a new larger edition by Ceiba in 2019.

© Portrait by Yumi Goto in the RPS library, Tokyo.

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  • Presentation by Ceiba: " « The structure of the dummy reveals an eclectic use of notebook style and a very thorough research. The dummy deals with the emotional cries of children raised in abusive homes. The jury was impressed by the way Miki Hasegawa approached this extremely difficult subject matter. A book not easy to digest but nonetheless very...

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