List of photobooks by photographer Seymour, David (Chim)

David Seymour, also known as Chim (a nickname stemming from his true last name Szymin), was a Polish photographer and founding member and former president of the Magnums Photos agency, during the golden era of photojournalism.

As a photographer, he is mostly known for his coverage of the Spanish Civil War, and his project "Children of War" under assignment by UNICEF that documented the lives of children in the aftermath of WWII.

He published many photo-reportages in the big-name news magazines before, during and after World War II (Life, Paris Match, etc.) He is also known for portraits of celebrities (Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Pablo Picasso).

His work was not published in the book form before his untimetly death in 1956 in the aftermath of the Suez Canal conflict.

© Portrait by Elliott Erwitt

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  • Presentation by Russet Lederman, Inc, publisher of the English version: " Tereska and Her Photographer: A Story is a photobook that presents a fictional story by Carole Naggar about the extraordinary parallel lives of Magnum photographer and co-founder David “Chim” Seymour and Tereska Adwentowska, a young Polish girl who was the subject of Chim's most...

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