List of photobooks by photographer Daniels, William

William Daniels is a French documentary photographer and journalist. He works for the daily press and magazines such as National Geographic. He has been awarded numerous awards (Word Press) and grants (Getty, Tim Hetherington).

He published - among others - "RCA" in 2017 (Editions Clémentine de la Féronnière) and "Wilting Point" en 2018 (Editions Imogène).

© Photo by Martin Colombet taken from the artist's French Wikipedia page

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  • Presentation by Editions Imogène : "In looking back at 10 years of international reporting, William Daniels connects the fault lines of our planet and throws the transfixed reader into chaos. In botany, « wilting point » describes the threshold below which the humidity content in the ground does not allow a plant's survival. It withers, beofre dying if...

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