List of photobooks by photographer Rodger, George

George Rodger, English photographer, founding member of the Magnum Photos agency.

Known as a war photographer, working in particular for LIFE magazine, he documented the « blitz » in 1940 and the allied forces entrance in the nazi camp of Bergen-Belsen in 1945. He is also famous for extensive road trips in Africa in his Land Rover, and more specifically for his work about the Nuba people in the Kordofan region of southern Sudan.

His book "Le Village des Noubas" was one of the first published by Robert Delpire (Delpire, Collection « Huit », 1955).

© George Rodger / Magnum Photos, taken from the agency's website

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    Presentation by Stanley / Barker: "Between 1939 and 1947 founder member of the newly formed Magnum Photos, George Rodger served as a war correspondent for Life magazine, covering some of the most violent atrocities of the second word war: from the brutality of the Burma campaign, to horrific piles of corpses and desperately emaciated survivors discovered...

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