List of photobooks by photographer Marijnissen, Wendy

Wendy Marijnissen is a documentary photographer from Belgium. 

In 2009 she traveled to Pakistan for the first time and worked there the following 3 years, focusing mainly on photographing the hardships of pregnancy and childbirth there. A part of this work was used for the « End fistula campaign » of the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund).

In 2015 she returned to Pakistan twice to continue working on what now is her first book "Always the guest" (self-published, 2018).

She also traveled and produced photography & video on projects in Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

© Portrait taken from the website dedicated to the project Always the Guest.

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  • Presentation by the artist: "What does it mean to belong somewhere?  How does a young woman from Belgium end up feeling more at home in a country like Pakistan, a place so different then the one she comes from? In this personal book Wendy Marijnissen tries to answer some of these questions.  Always the guest is a story about loss, motherhood, about home...

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