List of photobooks by photographer Gupta, Soham

Soham Gupta is an Indian photographer based in Calcutta; his work constantly moves between the realm of documentary photography, art and the written word. He responds to themes of loneliness and isolation, of abuse and pain, of scarred pasts and uncertain futures, sexual tensions and existential dilemmas..

In 2018, Soham Gupta published « Angst » with Akina Books; the book was shortlisted for the PhotoText Award at the Rencontres d'Arles festival in 2018.

© Paul Muse (portrait taken from the artist's website)

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  • .The copies have sold!. Presentation by Akina Books: " An optimistic street seller looks at the news and wishes the monsoon will end soon. On the street corner, a girl is dancing to the music of men’s smartphones, a rich man gets out of his fancy car after a crash and gets lynched by a mob, while a woman is disfigured by her alcoholic husband, in the...

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