List of photobooks by photographer Catiere, Alexandra

Alexandra Catiere is a photographer from Belarus, based in Paris. She studied photography at the ICP, New York.

The website of the Prix de l'Élysée indicatges: « Reviving the humanist tradition, her images portray sensations, atmospheres that she manages to capture. Without limiting herself exclusively to the genres of portraiture and reportage, Alexandra Catière considers the camera to be the instrument of her empathy for human nature and life. »

She has published, among other photobooks, "Nobody Believes That I'm Alive" following a long-term residency at the Centre d'Art Gwinzegal in Brittany, France (Gwinzegal, 2015) and "Behind the Glass" (Chose Commune, 2018).

© Portrait by François Goizé

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  • Présentation by GwinZegal: [translation by L'Ascenseur Végétal] " Eyes closed, she is looking at us. We are listening to her. The silence of Alexandra's images. Which words does she want to whisper to us, are they made of the same wind that blows over the landscapes? Of the same oxygen exhaled by the plants? Eyelids open or closed, these faces that we are...

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  • Presentation by Gwinzegal:        [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal] "In this work, Alexandra Catiere confronts absence, and a presence that can no longer be, in a state of unstability where different times are placed on top of each other, merge and get mixed together. Her photographs do not have a present, they invite us to put our daily life at a...

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