List of photobooks by photographer Northrup, Michael E.

Michael E. Norhtrup is an American photographer.

On his website, he states: « I love irony... not exclusively, but I have a particular appreciation for it.  And it underlies a lot of my work. (...) My whole family was great at extracting humor out of tragedy and that has given me a way of seeing.  For me creating images is all about my daily life, those meaningful pictures I'm able to extract from it, and the personal vision I bring to those visual narratives. »

He published "Beautiful Ecstasy" (J&L Books, 2003), "Babe" (J&L Books, 2012) and "Dream Away" (Stanley/Barker, 2018).

© Portrait taken from the website Uprise Art

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  • Presentation par Stanley/Barker:  "Dream Away by Michael E. Northrup is a love story about life, vision, and love itself. The 66 images in the book present a developing portrait of both an artist and his subject.  It's about Northrup's obsession with « the photograph », his vision, and the significant, funny, and unique images he's able to make from life...

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