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Réza Kalfane is a photographer specialized in the Arctic Circle destinations, and in particular in Iceland.

A Frenchman with Indian origins, Réza Kalfane is a photographer specialized in Arctic Circle destinations.

He first visited Iceland in 2012 and fell in love with its enigmatic and vast landscapes. Over the course of several visits, Iceland became like a second home to Réza, as well as a permanent source of photographic and cultural inspiration.
The rugged landscapes became an enduring obsession; changes in the weather and throughout the seasons offer new reasons to explore the island.

Réza shares his passion with others by organising and leading workshops in various areas in Iceland. His tours are committed to offering a spirit of adventure and are offered to very limited groups allowing the participants to veer off the beaten path.

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  • .Our very last copy.Presentation on the artist's website: "ÍSLAND, Réza Kalfane’s first book, is a testament to the spirit of adventure. Réza offers a three-part photographic story: mysterious, picturesque and unexpected. This visual story begins with a series of waterfalls that punctuate the landscape and the tourist’s itinerary. Revealed through a play...

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