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Veins brings close together two artists, Anders Petersen and Jacob Aue Sobol, who make photographs that share similarities. First, one of the main subject of their work could be considered the same : an interest and an attraction for people living on the edge of society. Then, both artists approach the subject, the people, the characters by immersing themselves in their environment, in their lives, sometimes in their homes and their intimacy. Finally, the creation process, the technical aspects and the rendering of their images also share similarities: the spectator, the "reader", the audience is offered grainy black and white images, usually quite dark with intense blacks.


This book is really successful in displaying the proximity between these two great artists, who produce images that are sometimes quite difficult to look at, but who deal with humanity, troubled humanity, with a closeness and a form of simplicity, without filters, live and direct !


The halfway-mark of the book is a short essay by Gerry Badger.


160 pages - Hardcover, no DJ

dewi lewis publishing, 2013

New in shrinkwrap - Mint condition

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