America, My Way (*signed*)

    .Sold out.

    For this one time, our presentation of the book is our reaction to the book as sent to the artist upon reception of our copies...


    "I really do like the book ! First I love the format, the rough cardboard case with the engraved text inside, and the three booklets instead of just one book... Even the little magnet I like !
    This unusual and somewhat unsettling presentation transfers into the booklets, and the choice of images, and the sequences I think.

    We are not used to having to deal with three booklets... And when you realize that some of the images are identical and some are not, you would like to have them all opened at the same time, but you can't... or you need two friends ! To go through this lonely journey, this is kind of paradoxical !

    I love the polaroids format & color tones of course, and the paper material. It is really beautiful overall !

    Then there is the "problem" of the narration, the sequences and identical images... this is a really puzzling experience ! It makes you want to come back to it, to try to understand a bit more... I don't think I've found my way yet among these images, and there is a sensation of "uncompleteness" in my experience, but again I will have to come back to it, and it is part of the pleasure !"


    44 pages (x3) - Softcovers in foldable bookcase with magnet lock

    Self-published, 2012

    *Signed & Numbered*

    New - Mint condition


    Sitar, Matej


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