Mars - Une exploration photographique

Mars - Une exploration photographique

    Mars - Une exploration photographique is the French edition of the book This is Mars released simultaneously by Aperture. The French publishing house is actually that of the man behind this project : Xavier Barral.

    The book is an incredible B & W journey on the surface of planet Mars. The photographs were made by a NASA observation satellite mounted with a high-definition telescope. From 300 km (190 miles) above, the satellite shot thousands of images from which Xavier Barral made this selection.

    An exhibition of this project was shown during the Rencontres d'Arles 2013 festival.


    These images, made for a scientific purpose (gathering morphologic and geologic data), happen to have an extraordinary esthetic beauty. The shapes, the textures, the shadows on these photographs are most intriguing and give a surreal dimension to this planet that is already subject to a lot of fantasies...

    Xavier Barral edited images, and three scientists (astrophysicist Francis Rocard, professor of planetary geology Alfred McEwen, and planetologist and geophysicist Nicolas Mangold) provided the scientific context and a comment for these images. A Mars planisphere is included in the book.

    An oustanding book in many regards !


    272 pages - Hardcover with dustjacket

    Éditions Xavier Barral, 2013

    New in shrinkwrap - Mint condition


    NB : This book being large and heavy, we would like to remind you that we always pack our books with the utmost care, so that they make it to your bookshelf in the exact condition they are described (new / mint in this case).

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    Editions Xavier Barral

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