White Fang

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    Presentation by the artist:

    "Before the Second World War in Japan, dog fights were common. But, as the war worsened, so did the food situation, and consequently, owning a big dog was criticized. Some military policemen who were afraid that the dogs might escape and become strays if their cages were destroyed in an air raid, shot and killed many dogs. After the war, the dog fighting restarted; many people believe that it became popular again. However, the Animal Protection Organization strongly opposed dog fighting. Now, dog fighting is prohibited in the Tokyo area.

    In January 2014, I went to Aomori to see a dog fight. Aomori is a snowy area, located at the northern part of Japan. Well-trained dogs, along with the pride and joy of their owners, arrived at the fighting ring early in the morning. The dogs seemed to want to fight on instinct, as if it was their destiny."

    After a first edition in 2014 created during a workshop at "Reminders Photography Stronghold" (with Jan Rosseel  & Yumi Goto), this second edition, of a slightly smaller format, brings again the strange atmosphere and the intensity of this great series.

    48 pages - Softcover

    Kettler, 2016

    Format : 24 x 33 cm

    New - Mint condition

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    Verlag Kettler

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