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Overnight Generation (*signed*)

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Overnight Generation by Italo Morales is a journey among the young adults of Sarajevo, the ones who were born in former Yugoslavia, lived through the tragedy of the war, grew up in the rumbles and resentment, and are now trying to find their place in a society that is definitely looking West but is still fighting with inter-community, interpersonal and economic issues.

Excerpt from the artist's presentation :

"It appears to be a common belief that Sarajevo is recovering from its post-war trauma, but is that true? And what happened to the children of the conflict? Unlike other efforts that have been done to explore their lives, Overnight Generation does not aim to illustrate the physical damage done to them during the armed struggle, but rather portrays the character of a more subtle violence: the ordinary drama of a post-war existence; a subtle curse that follows every one of the young citizens who had to hide his or her best years behind the curtain of the conflict, and grow up overnight, while the rest of us were sleeping."

Beautiful introductory text by Federico Sicurella, and epilogue by Haris Selmanagic / Hare Metak.

This small-size book is also a beautiful object, with inserts on printed cristal-paper.

128 pages - Hardcover with DJ

Verlag Kettler, 2012

*Signed & Numbered*

New in shrinkwrap (opened for signature) - Mint condition

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