Red String - Limited Edition (*signed w/ print*)

    Publisher's presentation:

    "In Japan, legend has it that a man and a woman who have a predestined encounter have had each other’s little fingers tied together by an invisible red string since the time they were born.

    Unfortunately, the red string tying my parents together either came untied, broke, or perhaps it was never even tied to begin with. But if the two had never met, I would never have been born into this world. If anything, you might say it is between parent and child that there is an unbreakable red string of fate."

    Red String was initially self-published in 35 copies by Yoshikatsu Fujii in 2015. This book is the intimate story of a broken family, from the wedding to the divorce of a couple and beyond, and how a child - now and adult - tries to fit in...

    We are offering here the Limited Edition of this book (signed copies), sold with a signed 20x30 cm "archival pigment print".

    For this edition, you have a choice of 2 cover images, with the newlyweds dressed either "western" style or "Japanese" style (see Photos). You also have the choice between 2 prints : "Seto Inland Sea" or "Father's Bed" (see Photos).

    When ordering, please let us know of your choices for these 2 options; we will fulfill your request depending on availability at the time you are placing your order (we will do our best to update availability information on this page in "real time").

    We are also offering the "trade" edition of this book, as signed copies, with your choice of cover image as well (see "Suggestions" tab).

    NB : All the images used here are from Ceiba Foto / Yoshikatsu Fujii / Reminders Photography Stronghold.

    96 pages - Softcover in felt fabric

    Ceiba Foto, 2015

    *Signed w/ Print*

    New - Mint condition

    195,00 €


    Fujii, Yoshikatsu


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