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    .Please note that we are offering the English and French versions of this book - see below.Presentation by the publisher of the English version (Verlag Kettler): "Monsanto has had a rapid rise and a more than colourful history marked by cover-ups and scandals: dioxins in PCB coolants, genetically modified products such as the bovine growth hormone Posilac...

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  • .Please note we are currently offering only the French version of this book, please inquire for the English edition.Publisher's presentation: "En 1956, le photographe Harry Callahan (1912-1999), alors directeur du département de photographie du « Institute of Design » de Chicago aux États-Unis, reçoit une bourse de la Fondation Graham. Sur les conseils...

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    L'Ascenseur Végétal is now offering all available titles from the French collection "Photo Poche". This series of black pocket-size books is a staple among photobooks in France, and all photography lovers and amateurs have at least one in their bookshelves, often dozens! This series initially curated by Robert Delpire and published by "Centre National de...

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