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La Résidence

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La Résidence is a book created after JH Engström had been in residence in Brussels; where he photographed the city, the street life, the cafés, the people. By putting these images in perspective through texts from his own journal, the artist tells the story of why this residence experience was a failure.

This is very well explained by Engström himself in a interview for the French blog Des Livres et des Photos (French only); an interesting interview on this specific aspect of this book, but also quite interesting about the artist's whole career.

150 pages - Hardcover, no DJ

Journal, 2010

Format : 18.4 x 24.8 cm

New - Mint condition

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  • Front cover text:"I took these photographs before the turn of the century while travelling acroxx Europe and the United States.My eye was good-hearted.The time that has passed since then is, at least, something we all have in common.At the time I was astonished. I still am.  JH Engström."A road-trip it is, made of color and Black & White images;...

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  • Publisher's presentation: " « In 2004, I made the book Trying to Dance, designed by Patric Leo and published by Journal. Since then, it has lived a life of its own, just as books should do. For me, Trying to Dance is more than a book – the photographs on which it was based constitute an image universe of its own. Photography then had a liberating effect...

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  • Presentation on the artist's website : "Göran Greider, journalist, author and poet, writes in the book: « Hammarkullen has a kind of notoriety in Sweden. It is one of those suburban names that frame the one-sided image of what a Million Program suburb is. But when the forest, the trails, the trees, the magpie nests get to take part they open other views...

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