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The publisher GHOST: Photobooks projects and programmatic events.

The publisher GHOST was founded in 2011 by Patricia Almeida and David-Alexandre Guéniot (programmer of artistic events) to give effect to editorial projects and programmatic events.

The name GHOST is the combination of the words 'Guest' and 'Host' to point to the relations between design, photography, literature, research and editing.

As a publisher, GHOST publishes books that emphasize visual narratives and a reflection on the uses and conditions for receiving the image, be it documentary, archival, fictional or appropriated. It is also interested in publishing artistic contents obtained through the most diverse processes (research ateliers, exhibitions, rehearsals, performances, residencies, workshops, seminars and meetings).

In partnership with Oficina do Cego, TIPO.PT and STET, GHOST is co-organizing the annual encounters O que um livro pode (What a book can), a program of lectures, workshops and conversations about artist books and self-publishing in Portugal.

With the participation of dozens of artists, theorists and technicians, these encounters succeed in gathering different professional and artistic fields - visual arts, photography, poetry, illustration, design - and is one of the rare opportunities to reflect on the other “ecologies” of the book, ie possibilities of integrating the book in a new regime of object and product beyond consumption or collecting.

GHOST, published photographers:

Among many others, the following photographers have seen their photobooks published by GHOST: Augusto Brázio, Patrícia Almeida, the group Kameraphoto, São Trindade ...

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  • Publisher's presentation: "In 2013, with dwindling assignments from the newspapers and magazines for which he worked, Augusto Brázio, a freelance photographer, began to wander the streets of Lisbon. He soon discovered innumerable stores with closed shutters. In the centre of Lisbon and surrounding suburbs, in Porto, the Algarve and all over Northern...

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  • Publisher's presentation:"Grace and John comes from the collaboration between the photographer Patrícia Almeida and the performers Cláudia Dias and António Pedro Lopes at the time they were rehearsing the play "Where Does the Light Go when it's Off" by the Portuguese choreographer João Fiadeiro. Through daily rehearsals, the performers started to create...

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  • Presentation by GHOST: " « The dogma of those who govern in Lisbon nowadays is that there is no alternative to the system of collective penury signed with the Troika. The Portuguese National Budget for 2013 is a historical watershed. It puts an end to an age by tearing up a contract with a society which, after the Carnation Revolution, dreamed of being...

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  • Publisher' presentation: "The origin of this work of self-fiction can be found in one of São Trindade’s sketchbooks, this one entirely devoted to the subject of loss or decadence. With references to the aesthetics of crime scenes and nightlife photographed by Weegee in New York in the 1930 and 1940’s, the device is simple: in a "real décor," São...

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