Photobooks published by Deadbeat Club

Deadbeat Club is an American publisher of photobooks (and coffee roaster) based in Los Angeles.

Among their photobooks: "Hairdos of Defiance" by Ed Templeton (2018), "They Should Never Touch the Ground" by Deanna Templeton (2018), "Rabbit Hare" by David Billet & Ian Kline (2020), "Entangled" by Maude Arsenault and Summer Sublet" by Ward Long (2020).

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  • Presentation by Deadbeat Club: " « An explosion of spiked fluorescent pink hair precariously balanced atop a young girl's head, eyes painted black in the shape of an Egyptian goddess, slender neck choked by a black leather dog collar ringed with metal thorns, a ripped-up t-shirt barely concealing the flesh of her breasts: it had the same shocking effect...

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