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Les Editions Le Mulet is a Belgian publisher that describe themselves in the following terms [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal] : « Publishing and sale of books, magazines and any other printed publications showcasing art work (photography, illustration, graphic design, etc.) from Belgian authors and beyond. »

Editions Le Mulet has published, among others: "Fuck You" by Jean-Marc Chapa, the collective publications "1010 Noordzee" and "1010 Hardennes", and "Nada" by Marie Sordat. They also published in 2021 the first issue of a new magazine dedicated to photography titled "Tropical Stoemp".

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  • Presentation by Editions Le Mulet : " « Under those chaotic skies, like if we were waking up the day after the end of the world, here is the viscerally vitiated, divided and most often dark universe that Marie Sordat gives us to see over the pages. A world that radiates the desire for a wonderland that we would never have known, and whose disillusioned...

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