Photobooks published by TBW Books

TBW Books is an American publisher dedicated to photobooks, founded in 2006.

TBW publishes each year a 4-book set in a collection titled "Annual Series" and a few other titles outside of this collection.

Among the artists recently published: Paul Kooiker, Mona Kuhn, Juergen Teller and Carmen Winant for the "Annual Series No. 7" in 2020, Carolyn Drake for "Knit Club" (2020), Ken Light for "Midnight La Frontera" (2020) or Mimi Plumb for "Landfall" (2018).

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  • .LAST COPY!. Presentation by TBW Books: " Between 1983 and 1987 along the California/Mexico border, Ken Light took his Hasselblad camera and flash and rode along with US Border Patrol agents in the middle of the night as they combed the Otay Mesa looking for “illegal aliens.” He was there when they were apprehended – captured by authorities as well as the...

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  • Presentation by TBW Books: " A foreboding meditation in the vein of Southern Gothic literature, Drake's most recent body of work emerged through her collaboration with an enigmatic group of women from Mississippi loosely calling themselves « Knit Club. » The nature of the club is ambiguous. It is a cross between a gang, a cult of mysteries, and a group...

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