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Studio Vortex is a non-profit organisation that publishes the work of French photographer Antoine d'Agata and organizes workshops and collaborations with him, in order to promote his work and allow him to share his experience and teachings.

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  • .Sold out. Presentation by Studio Vortex: " « We are only a little stored, organized solar heat, a memory of Sun. A little phosphorus that burns in the meninges of the world. »      -- Paul Cézanne(...) From the first day of confinement ensuing the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, Antoine d'Agata roamed the streets of Paris with a thermal camera to...

  • .Back in stock. Presentation by Studio Vortex : " We can consider the entire body of Antoine d'Agata's extreme art as a wide-ranging variant of Hölderlin's reflection on the modern tragedy, which is, to borrow the conclusion of Reiner Schürmann, the pathetic condition of being.Prisons, summary executions, bordellos, soulless buildings, secular mysticism...

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  • .Back in stock. Presentation by Studio Vortex : "Wanderings,endless rambling in a worldwhere commodities are the ultimate reality,crisscrossing to the rhythm of unexpected eventsand imperatives related to the urgency of survivalthat transform lived experienceinto the very tool and materialof invisible revolts. Hybrid community of the have-nots,subjected...

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