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  • Series of actor Polaroid portraits from a TV screen.The actors & actresses have their eyes closed and their face is calm, as in meditation.Jeffrey Ladd had written about the first edition (2009): "... as if they had abandoned their profession, and found their own truth ..."American, French, known and lesser known actors: Steve McQueen, Katherine...

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  • .Sold out. Publisher's presentation: "Reality seems to have a hole in it, like realizing that you're floating in outer space (which, of course, technically, we are). —Timothy Morton Nothing changes if nothing changes. Or does it? Pick it up. Follow the path. Turn it over. Turn it over. Again. Does it have a beginning or an end? Does anything cross your...

  • Publisher's presentation: "Photographer and bookseller Melissa Catanese has recently been editing the vernacular photography collection of Peter J. Cohen, helping to organize this massive curated archive (a trove of 20,000+ prints) into a series of single-theme catalogues. Along the way, she has pursued an alternate reading of the collection, drifting...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items