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Le temps qu’il fait editions, whose name is inspired by a title of the libertarian poet Armand Robin (1912-1961), was created by Georges Monti in 1981.
Their catalog developed in a great independence with the doctrines, modes or influences of the moment, guided only by the taste of the books, the love of the literature and the confidence perhaps a little obsolete in the political scope language - which can make the experience of one the good of all.
Swinging, since their beginnings, between the (somewhat peremptory) figure of the "honorary publisher" and the (too reserved) figure of the "publisher not found", they have published during these 30 years of stubborn 600 titles in which we can guess their passion for the language and their interest not less open for images.

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  • Publisher's presentation: "Des plages de la Mer du Nord aux escarpements côtiers du Pays basque, Frédéric Lallemand a longuement arpenté en piéton attentif les confins humides, zones incertaines entre l’océan et la terre ferme dont le tourisme a fait des «bords de mer» et que les géographes appellent le littoral. Or, il a justement évité tout pittoresque...

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