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Nobody Books self publishing photography and art books by Stephen Gill

Stephen founded his publishing imprint Nobody in 2005 in order to exercise maximum control over the publication process of his books. His overriding intention is to make the book the finished expression of the photographs, rather than just a shell in which to house them. Experimentation with materials, collaboration with friends and a hands-on, tactile approach to maquette making would lead, in many cases, to his finished books having an individual, unique presence.
He considers the bookmaking process to be a key though separate stage in the production of his photographic works, and he aims to make books that are conceptually consistent with their content.

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  • Presentation by Nobody Books:   " « It was in 2017 that I began to have an inkling that a single fish might contain a universe of infinite proportions and how amazing a journey within its body could be. So I started to research everything I would need to embark on such an expedition. By January 2020 I had built a work top, obtained a microscope, a...

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  • PLEASE NOTE: We are offering here copies of the second printing of this book (September 2020). Presentation by Nobody Books: " « The landscape that surrounds my home in Sweden can be misleading. The bird activity it contains is diluted by the vastness of the flat open land and sky, which gives the impression that very little is going on. In January 2015,...

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  • Presentation of the photobook by Stephen Gill: " In March 2014, my family and I moved from east London to rural south Sweden where my partner Lena is from. I understood that these new surroundings would inform my work in very different ways and that nature would play a key role. I was looking forward to making work that did not feel restricted and...

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  • .Unsigned copies. Presentation by Stephen Gill: "The series Best Before End is an attempt to reflect and respond to the intensity of inner city life by focusing on the phenomenal rise of energy drinks. These powerful and potentially dangerous stimulants are being sold and consumed in ever-increasing quantities as the demands of modern life and the growth...

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