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In the In-Between is a web-based photo media journal

In the In-Between was founded as the Journal of Digital Imaging Artists by photo-artist and writer Gregory Eddi Jones in June of 2012. In-B is designed to encourage discovery and discussion of artists working at the intersections of photography and digital media

Beyond web publishing, In the In-Between stands as an active platform of support for emerging international and American artists. They occasionally come up with book projects, limited edition print programs, and online portfolio reviews.

The primary goal of In the In-Between is to serve as an educational resource for photo-arts professionals to discover contemporary artists working within the digital medium.
Its wider mission is one of research and critique of contemporary visual products. As we move into this third decade of the digital era, digital imaging is and will continue to be among the major defining characteristics of 21st century photographic art. In the In-Between seeks to understand and disseminate relatively new attitudes and methods of such image-making.

Under that imprint it published nearly 100 portfolios, interviews, essays, and moving media pieces by artists working in the intersections of photography and digital media. The goal under that imprint was to highlight the changing photographic climate as influenced by the incorporation of digital tools as a defining feature of photographic practice.
In January 2018 the platform transitioned into its current iteration, Journal of New and New Media Photography, and has expanded its editorial scope to adapt to the growing diversity of voices and methodologies that define the landscape of 21st century photographic authorship.

Photographers published by In the In-Between include ...

Gregory Jones, Mark Dorf,

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  • Presentation by In the In-Between: "Gregory Jones' Another Twenty-Six Gas Stations is a new media artist book comprised of twenty-six screen captures culled from gas station surveillance videos found on YouTube. The book blends notions of surveillance, crime photography, advertising, and found text;  which together form an incisive dark-humor commentary...

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