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Sokyusha, founded in 1986 by Michitaka Ota, is a publishing house and shop specialising in photobooks.

In addition to masterpieces by established photographers such as Daido Moriyama, Michio Yamauchi, Masahisa Fukase and Miyako Ishiuchi, Sokyusha boasts a constant lineup of young photography talents and works by newcomers.

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  • .Currently out of stock.Text from the book : "It is said that Pythagoras was the first philosopher in ancient Greece to use the term «Kosmos» in reference to the universe. The word «kosmos» in ancient Greek refers to a congruent balance or order. A state of harmony present in a garden, in societal law or the human spirit may be described as «Kata Kosmon,»...

  • Poet Island is a journey in history, the history of a sanatorium - today facilities in dereliction - established on the Nagashima island, in Southern Japan where, in particular, the pre-war poet Kaijin Akashi was quarantined. Atsushi Fujiwara's images create a poetic atmosphere in this abandoned place, where nature takes slowly over again...We recommend...

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  • .Currently out of stock.A really beautiful book, dark and mysterious, that takes us to the places and landscapes, to the waters where the Japanese pilots of the "Kaiten" suicide torpedos were training at the end of the Pacific War. Pilots who were ready to give their lives by guiding these "human" torpedos right into the enemy warships.... Hitoshi Uemoto...

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  • .Sold out.A really beautiful book, at the same time a simple story and a complex story, that of a woman, a mother, and the apparent absence of a father. The difficult days, the neighborhood, the weekends or vacation at the sea... Atsushi Fujiwara makes with Butterfly Had a Dream the brilliant portrait of a woman.76 pages - Hardcover, no DJ Sokyu-sha, 2014...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items