Nausea (*signé*)


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"It looks as if the body extends its functionality and physicality beyond the subject. As if the only way to feel the world is by applying the humane affects to every visible structure. So that every liquid is seen as if it comes from body, every crack - as if it is a scar…

Here Nausea as an idea of corporal experience which was integrated by Sartre, where he says that we feel our body only through trauma. Nausea as a method to hear one's body, its outgoing signal. A signal that urges you to cognition. Only that which is rough, bristle, wrinkle and breakes off - speaks. Something that wants to be named."

Many really beautiful images, others really explicit, a rather surprising work, but nevertheless rich and interesting...

84 pages + 8 uncut pages - Soft front cover, hard back cover

Dienacht Publishing, 2015 (200 copies)


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