Silencio (Limited Edition w/print)

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    After Timeless Islands, here is the new release by Thomas Jorion: Silencio, a large book and beautiful book.

    This book, in the quite fashionable "Urb-Ex" genre (urban exploration), and by a mainstream publisher does not fall into any easy images, and we find the same qualities that made the artist's previous book a success, with a large format on top...
    Thomas Jorion takes us again to unbelievable and desolate places, deserted buildings, disused facilities and factories, all these structures created by our society that - due to History or the economy - are now in various states of dereliction, left to nature to conquer these areas back...
    In natural light, and with a 4x5" chamber, the artist offers us a straitghforward and filter-less vision of a certain condition of the world. The images are beautiful, sometimes even stunning, and sad too. Even if the structures pictured convey a sense of poetry, that of abandon and oblivion, it is impossible to block-out the sense of the tragedy that lies within each of the places visited...

    216 pages - Hardcover with DJ and plastic cover in a strong cardboard slipcase

    La Martinière, 2013

    *Signed & Numbered - w/ Print*

    New - Mint condition


    Jorion, Thomas

    Editions de La Martinière

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