Mr. & Dr. (*signed*)

    Publisher's presentation:

    "Mr. & Dr. is a photobook aimed for children and youngsters that explores the notion of the unknown through images and text.

    This photobook is an appropriation of a classic horror story, The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson that challenges the overriding illustrative relation between text and images in books for children. Photographs are unexpected, dark, ambiguous and create a vague yet fraught relation with the words that rejects fixed definitions.

    The main character faces a dilemma, a duality that is articulated in the two part structure of the book: text, divided into two distinct voices. A third-person narrator in the first part and the first-person confession of Dr. Jekyll at the end; and pictures that cast a doubt over their meaning, defying the conventions of what is suitable for children.

    Mr. & Dr. is a journey, through words and images, to the unimaginable, to what we do not understand and consequently, we fear. "

    Photographs by Mariela Sancari & Texts by Adolfo Córdova. Texts in English only.

    We are offering copies signed by the two authors, wrapped in thin "tissue" paper (provided by the pubisher) printed with a phrase of introduction.

    128 pages - Hardcover

    This Book Is True, 2017 (500 copies)

    Format : 16.5 x 24 cm


    New - Mint condition

    27,00 €

    N/A - AV0229

    Sancari, Mariela

    This book is true

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