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"PAK! is an onomatopoeia which imitates the sound of impact.

« Inside these pages are the portraits of people I encounter everyday. What fascinates me about them is their collective rebellion against ­inhibitions and acceptable behavior in what is largely a conservative Catholic society. Some of them are friends, some I had an intimate ­relationship with, and some are strangers, but I can identify with them within my environment. Just the act of taking these photos have subjected me to the same criticisms that most of them have encountered.

In a way, it is an attempt to expose the world behind the façade that most Filipinos aspire to. »

                        -– Brian Sergio     "

128 pages - Softcover in soft cardboard slipcase

Dienacht, 2017

Format : 18 x 26 cm

New - Mint condition

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30,00 €

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