Nhudes Zine Issue 1 - Naked Thoughts

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    Publisher's presentation :  
    [adapted by L'Ascenseur Végétal]

    "The Zine has been made with the contribution of 5 photographers from Spain, Canada, South Korea and Japan, and myself from France.

    The idea of Nhudes came with the transition I’ve been making in my photographing style. I love the intimate and realistic photographs many photographers are making nowadays. What’s better than expressing your everyday life in a personal and natural way ?

    Being Nhude is like showing your true self to, that’s the idea behind the zine, it’s not just about the erotism behind every photographs or such, but it’s also about who are those photographers and those girls being photographed, it’s all in one about their true selves.

          -- Michaëlis Moshe "

    List of the photographers / contributors : David Warren, Aizawa Yoshikazu, Michaëlis Moshe, Sei Aizawa, Bruno Baw, Wanist.

    Video presentation of the Zine available on the publisher's website.

    52 pages - Softcover

    Michaëlis Moshe Publishing, 2016 (200 copies)

    Format : 14.8 x 21 cm

    New - Mint condition

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    Michaëlis Moshe Publishing

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