Publisher's presentation :

    "Kazuma Ogaeri is a Moso photographer. He shoots illusion.

    In his work there is something of humanity and beauty of Akira Yoshimura's writings, something of the refined and frozen aesthetic of Kiyoshi Kurusawa in Shokuzai and Sogo Ishii in Le Labyrinthe des Rêves, something of Mirages d'été 「枇杷の樹の下で」 by Kazu Yusuki, something of the sexual tension, the empathy for the violated and submitted bodies of some Koji Wakamatsu’s films, even something of Araki's fetishism and obsession for women.

    And then, the omnipresent, sensual and soothing Nature.

    A refined and frozen aestheticwith sexual tension and fetishism. A Japanese erotic illusion in four chapters: 少女 la fille (the girl), 自然 la nature (the nature), 鉄道 le train (the train),  女性 la femme (the woman)."

    Second book published by Lieutenant Willsdorff. A specific subject obviously; a slection of beautiful portraits; a really nice layout and a beautiful production.

    Please note we are also offering 3 signed copies of this book (see "Suggestions" tab").
    NB : These signed copies are significantly more expensive than the unsigned ones (55 € vs. 42 €) as they had to be shipped to Japan for the signature then back to France.

    144 pages - Softcover w/ French flaps

    Lieutenant Willsdorff, 2016

    Format 15 x 20 cm

    New - Mint condition

    42,00 €


    Ogaeri, Kazuma

    Lieutenant Willsdorff

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