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"About 10 years ago, Ishikawa started photography, shooting his daily life with his friends. And also, he wondered around in the night town in Okinawa. Not only his friends, he captures Bosozoku, people in the night club, etc.

Loneliness, darkness. Hope.
These photographs are his starting point on photography."

Dans l'onglet "Détails", le poème Adrenamix de Ryuichi Ishikawa.

120 pages - Couverture rigide

Akaaka, 2015


Neuf - Aucun défaut

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Adrenamix de Ryuichi Ishikawa

A mouth wide-opened in the black of night
Shadows racing through,
riding astride mother's voice

Resounding tottering gait through a forest of NOTHING
An enlightened rut,

Loneliness I feel with my ass
before the overflowing foam soaks into the earth
Meandering eyeballs scattered are unable
to find a river to dive into
in a weird land so closed
that one cannot even get lost in it

Nimble dryness extends a feeler
for a body with the wetness of a marsh
A mountain range of stiff flesh
My tongue creeps along its veins,
like scooping up the beads of sweat that flow down the ridge
I already realize the foolishness of all of it before getting to the top

The end of the production toxic,
A pebble with no will is
to overwrite the absurdity of the erect testicle
with nonsense, furthermore
Men muddy their pulses in white
as women fly over the spring,
laughing in the summer night

Could it be called a night if with no end?
Is a door that never opens still a door?
The darkness lightened, and yet the darkness it is
A heart fell and torn,
a cry of life gushes out,
and still the silence it is

We such creatures,
devouring retort-packed time on the fluorescent display shelves,
crawling across the asphalt
to get flustered by the setting moon

However dead I drunk,
can't smash a bottle of alcohol
Trickles of memory and meeting a fierce beast
-What is waiting on the second day

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