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"Because of its own nature, every photograph is born to reproduce an image. Faces, stories and landscapes are all framed and fixed forever within the four corners of the print. Nevertheless, it would be wonderful if these corners could be somehow opened, thus breaking the perimeter of the photograph and letting the image return to the world it once came from.

Every thing, every person, every single image is imprisoned within its own figure, within the corners of the shape it has fallen into. But if we manage to scratch the surface enveloping it, it is possible to grasp the energy kept within. An invincible energy that creates, transforms and destroys the life that surrounds us. 

The photographs in GRASS search for this energy.

As we do."

96 pages - Couverture souple

Dalpine, 2015 (600 ex.)

Neuf - Aucun défaut

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